The Ninja

June 10, 2011
By JacqueB BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
JacqueB BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
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“Watch out! It’s after you!”
“Huh? Wait what?”
“Never mind, you’re screwed.”
The person George was talking to, had fallen on his butt.

“Do you know what hit you?” George finally said.
You see, he was laughing at Thomas who was on the ground.
“No. What hit me?” Thomas asked, while scratching his head.
George just smiled, but Thomas frowned.

“A large fat ninja knocked you out…”
“What the heck?”
“SERIOUSLY!” George said, with a shout.
Thomas looked around… Just to check.

You may think that George is a liar,
But he’s telling the truth.
He really saw the ninja, who flashed like fire.
He saw the ninja that was quite obtuse.

“The ninja was fat,
Wearing all pink.
How weird is that?”
Thomas had to stop and think.

“Whatever you say…
I still don’t believe you.”
Thomas said in dismay.
Suddenly, the wind blew.

Suddenly they hear a rustling in the trees.
George smiled, and Thomas freaked out.
The wind turned back into a breeze.
“Hey did you hear that Thomas? It’s the ninja!” George said with a shout.

“Come out here ninja,
If you are true,
The ninja stepped out, and Thomas pronounced,”What the…?”
Randomly the ninja asked,”Do you know where the costume party is? The Halloween barbecue?”

They directed the man,
To the barbecue.
And the man said that he was from Japan.
At the end, when the “ninja” got to his destination, he politely proclaimed (as all ninja’s do), “Thank you!”

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