The Burger

June 10, 2011
By JacqueB BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
JacqueB BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
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The burger…
Is sitting on the table…
Staring at you, with no eyes,
Almost as if you’re some kind of TV with cable!

Creepy isn’t it?
Well… It just gets worse.
What you’re about to read next might put you into some weird tizzy-fit.
It’s as if the burger has some weird type of curse…

How weird…
I’m not sure how to explain what it is…
It’s as though the burger is looking at you with a jeered
Look on its not-so-human-like face.

Think that’s bad?
Here comes part two.
Don’t feel sad,
The burger isn’t mad at you.

It’s just lonely.
It doesn’t just want to be eaten…
It wants a “homie”, not to become some type of rotten oldie!
Look! It even has bacon!

“How can burgers be a friend?”
What do you mean by that remark?
This burger is made with just the right blend!
Its flavor is not tart; it could even be considered a work of art!

The burger,
Just look at it.
It’s a delicious looking cheeseburger,
C’mon! Just give it a little lick.

Oh look…You ate it.
See? Yummy. It didn’t taste like some kind of gross pulp!
The juicy burger fit in your mouth, didn’t it?

So what was your problem?
Why were you scared?
It didn’t have any toxins.
Nah, I ain’t jealous… Okay so I glared.

That was my burger!
It was the one I wanted to eat.
I could get mad enough to commit a murder…
Hah. I’m just kidding. Now do you want your receipt?

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