June 10, 2011
By JacqueB BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
JacqueB BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
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Bullies are foes that are not very cool…
They will beat you up and bruise you, ‘till you can’t take no more.
They all act stubborn… They make you look like a fool.
What are you gonna do?

You get sick of it,
You try to run,
What happens next? You trip…

Here they come…
Straight for you.
They’re laughing and taunting,
They even stole your shoe!

What about now?
What can you do?
You are alone,
And they’re in a crew.

Nobody in that crew likes you,
You know.
You walk down the road with the wind blowing…
Cold and alone.

Get home, need to talk.
Your feet hurt…
It’s so hard to walk!
Every time you think of them, your stomach gives a little lurch.

Suddenly, you start to think: You can do anything,
No matter what.
If you’re on the ground and you’re like a bird with a broken wing,
Just learn to pick yourself off your butt, just get back up.

Try your best.
Keep pushin’,
No matter how much you wanna rest.
Let your flow of what you do, show that you’re not below,
Or that you’re stupid or slow.
Don’t let those foes beat you up or push you down on the ground, or hit you with their elbows.
Just show ‘em that they’re low because of those harsh blows to your nose… You know what?

Tell someone,
Or even show them kindness.
Don’t let them rude bullies have all that fun!
Show them through their mean bully blindness!

One last thing, you think as you reminisce on the event,
Next time, keep your head up…
Just be confident, almost like being self efficient!
Instead of running, just stop and say, “Hey, what’s up? How’s your day?”

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