Wordly Metaphor

June 10, 2011
The world might be incredibly defected
You’d expect the world to be unaffected
On Earth I do not want to be detected
Because it’s thoughts will always be rejected
So for now my soul will be ejected
Like content of music that is directed
These days the best cover is elected
Like Obama, it’s selective
Doesn’t really work well in our politics
it works for picking a Rolex that ticks
like a mutt owned by hicks
Along with misguided chicks
showed the worldly tricks
But then they’d be lambs
Following the twisted rams
Although they’re in Mediterranean lands
They were led to the sea without a Moses
A bunch of lies like a Wellspring diagnosis
Get soul cancer from the media’s hoses
That water the thorny roses
They work together like symbiosis
But you shall always stay independent
Your thoughts should not be dependent
They should be like a prayer pendant
Or a piece of paper with a pen dent
From crossing out the mistakes
Because thoughts usually take two takes
It needs to clear up so use two rakes
If you’re on the edge use the brakes
Never a Toyota or Italian fakes
Just metaphorically, I’m not biased
while I'm at it I'm not the brightest
I’m also not the wisest
Not sure about grammar but its neigh as
the mind and heart of the righteous
You can take that literal
Or emboss it until it’s spiritual
like the sea to the moon’s pull

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