July 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Come back from my trip and I'm treated like cr**.
I mean seriously, what even IS that?!
Being bossed around like I'm a lower class.
Well, ya know what ladies? You can kiss my a**.I suddenly feel like I don't have a voice.
No say, no opinion, not even a choice.
Do this and do that; Put that down, Hey, that's mine!
This place used to run on rhythm and rhyme. But now it's like I don't even belong.
No, every one's singing their own song.
Runnin around as if they're better than me.
And here I thought we were one huge family tree.
I guess I was wrong, I mean wow, what the he**.
But soon I'll be gone; I'll be 'Saved By The Bell.'
I knew it'd be rocky, I knew from the start.
But still I came in with an open heart. Throughout the days it's been mangled and hurt.
Ya's good it hides under my shirt.
So you can't see the scars, both recent and old.
The things that infect my mind just like mold.
Eating away at my insides and then, when I think it's all over, just starting again.
You pick me right up just to push me back down.
I mean really, what am I? Your rodeo clown?
Or rather a chess piece in your game.
A knight that's just waiting for his chance to be slain.
Hey, I'm bigger than you; I can win in the end.
And maybe one day, you'll earn the privilege of being my friend.
But until then all I can say is this:
Get your act together, you no good b****.

The author's comments:
This is something my English teacher calls slam poetry. It's read as though you were rapping it, but really you aren't. You're telling it, rather than just saying it. My inspiration for this piece was actually my roommates where I work. The day I got back from vacation it felt like I was no longer welcomed. I was upset and started to write. that's when this came about. Hope you like it!

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