perfectly imperfect

July 28, 2011
By chelaina BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
chelaina BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Sitting here thinking how perfectly I'mperfect i am

i have a bad HATEFUL ,HARMFUL attitude , bt yet friendly too all

i put my mother through things you cant I'magine ,

i act stank towards people i feel that "are not on my level"

i get upset at the smallest things but yet laugh like there's no tomorrow

i swallow my pride sometI'mes to please others ,

i cry sometI'mes at night that way i know , no one will ever know ,

my grandma died when iwas younger , taking my heart to the heavens with her ,

she wasn't the most perfect woman bt in my eyes , she was the best ,

at tI'mes i want to call her but i know she wont be there ,

i wonder now is she proud of who i am , because I'm not ,

will i be another statistic , i can only pray not ,

a village truly raised me ,

I'm not the BEST FRIEND in the world , don't expect me to be ,

at tImes i let my beauty outweigh my brains , bt that doesn't make me stupid ,

i have problems just like everyone else &* i know that ,

i don't say thank you enough to the people who deserve it ,

i look for love in the wrong places & i find trouble every tI'me

my dad is a dad bt he spends no tI'me with me , soooo i take it out on other people

iwas told "The search for perfection begins with detecting I'mperfection”

i know I'm I'mperfect bt I'm perfectly good at it


The author's comments:
its my life and i love it

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