I'm Not A Poet

June 8, 2011
I was never really good at poetry.
My ability to rhyme never came easily.
My poems were so random,
So I gave up the fandom,
Of writing poetry.
It wasn't the hobby for me.

Then there's the Haiku,
With syllables hard to count,
I can't get them right.

And who could forget the free-verse?
For the people who just can't rhyme.
This one is harder than it looks.

Then there's those pesky limericks,
Making these really is no picnic.
Forcing the right lines to rhyme,
Making them keep their time,
Could make anyone sick.

Stanza after stanza,
Line after line,
I simply wasn't born,
With the ability to rhyme!

I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have for once,
The ability to write!

I should give this all up,
I'm not a poet,
I'm no good at writing,
And I've just shown it.

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