dissipated innocence

June 14, 2011

It was her chance to fall in love that night
The stars were shining so very bright
It seemed like this was meant to be
Purity and innocence had set her free
Her eyes looked as lost as ever
This feeling was supposed to last forever
He held her from behind extra tight
His big eyes reflecting the dieing light
His head was full of vile thoughts
That became reality after a few shots
He whispered something in her ear, but she refused
After he spoke something else she became confused
He was still holding on to her waist
It was one of the hardest decisions she had ever faced
He held her tighter and wouldn't let go
It was finally time to begin the show
Holding hands they went of to a dark place
Their feelings they could no longer embrace
In that very special place
Their hearts began to race
Satisfaction was winners price
Looser will to receive a painful surprise
She no longer had control of her mind
She begins to feel the pain and wishes to rewind
His hands reach down her shirt
Suddenly she begins to feel like dirt
Something inside of her just tore
She officially became a wh***

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