No Love

July 25, 2011
What is it to me?
A comfort? A hobby?
It's something I shall never see.
Frankly, it pains me not.
I do not desire such pain.
My life is of blowing winds,
Carrying me away to places of the sane.
I do not need love.
Love does not need me.
I have no use for such despair.
And so, I shall always have my dignity.
Thrashing storms may cloud my life,
Just as I cling to the tears of my past.
What can love do to save me,
A girl who was always considered, for everything, last?
All I need is a cup of coffee,
That's what I tell myself.
It's better than heartbreak, which is too rash.
The last thing I want is to becomes a girl on the life shelf.

I Do Not Need Love.

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