A Litany

July 27, 2011
You are Clark Kent to Lois Lane, a love.
You are Batman to Robin, a best friend.
You are the superhero,
Saving the day from unsuspecting villains, except yourself…

You are the clouds on a stormy night,
Filling the breathing space of the mind
With reminisces of the past:
To forever be the yellow coming out of the gray.

You are the musically inclined notes
Dancing on a staff and making it whole.
I am the staff,
Supporting your bias notes.

You are the sandcastle on the beach:
To always be washed down,
And eventually away,
By the vigilant, crashing waves of hope.

You are the Louisville Slugger
Constantly hitting the leather ball
Far away into the field of clovers and dandelions,
That attack it with their savage instincts.

I am the bread and you are the knife,
I, the crystal goblet, and you, the wine,
Filling the glass only half full,
Letting both the chalice and amethyst breathe
When it wants to be filled to the crest,
But knows it cannot be done.

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