Will You Be There?

July 24, 2011
By , St.Helens, OR
Will you be there when I turn
Will you be there for me
Will you be there from the start
to the finish
Or will I be there alone

No you're not like that
Well that's what I hope
You're always by my side
Left right you're there smiling
You're there when I'm sick, sad
And even death.

You're there with open arms.
Welcoming me into an embrace.
Understanding of the pain
Which burdens me ever so deeply

To the core of my existence
Even when I don't want you there
You are
You're eyes sparkle when we're together.
Not just together but as one.

As we go on I know in my heart
That you will be there.
You know that I will be there as Well.
Hand in hand, we'll be there for
Each other.

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