Washington's seasons

June 9, 2011
By Alyssa1992 SILVER, Marysville, Washington
Alyssa1992 SILVER, Marysville, Washington
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i'm not a perfect girl.
my hair doesn't always stay in place & i spill things alot. im pretty clumsy & sometimes i have a broken heart. my friends and me sometimes fight & and somedays nothing goes right. but when i think about it & take a step back. i remember how amazing life truly is & maybe. just maybe i like be unperfect...

In Washington’s fall where everything starts out green. Rivers of fiery leaves run fast through the trees. The birds fly away and the animals disappear. Nothings more gorgeous then October here. As the leaves star to fall to the cold ground below/ silent grips the earth, as the world stops to turn. In Washington’s winter were everything stands still. The snow fall down stopping life with a single touch, frozen ground and rivers clocked in all white. There’s just something so peacefully about December here. After the huzzle and buzzle of Christmas has came and gone it seems as if the world starts to thaw. The snow disappears along with though's long cold nights. In Washington’s spring is where everything starts to sing. All chitter, chatter and cheers begin. It’s as if the world comes back to life again. Now days start running long and the nights seem short. There’s something beautiful about life here. Things start to sprout i wonder what they'll be? Now the animals start to appear and birds fly around me. It makes me so happy to have been born here. In Washington’s summer things start to warm up. It’s as if every bird and bee has some place to get before summer comes around again. But for people the time for work is now done. It’s time to party and have some fun. There’s always something going down. But for now things starts to slow down. So here comes the same crazy circle again and again. That’s why Washington State will always be near my heart, no matter where I may be the memories I have will always be with me.

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Its about the state were I grew up.

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