To Late, Or Too Soon

June 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Is this how it should be
you and me
Is this the way it's suppose to show
my affection for you
is it to late
to say I love you
or to soon
I miss your blueish green eyes
and your shady blonde hair
I miss that smile
you share
I miss everything about you
but is to late or too soon
to say I love you
I can't stand not seeing you
I haven't even
talked to you
since the move
but I can honestly say
I miss you
like I've never
missed anyone before
I'm going insane
and got your love on the brain
I wish I could see you one last time
but it's been years
and years is not alright
we never officially broke up
you kissed me on my lips
and said goodbye
I would cry for hours
while I'd lock my self in the towers
just thinking of you
oh how I miss you

Is it too late or soon
to assume
I might still be in love with you
because I do
and I can't take it any longer
oh how I wish I knew where you live
but we live in two different cities I'm sure
so I guess I'll never see you again
but if this is the end
I just wanted to say
I'll always love you
and that will never change

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about my boyfriend I had many moons ago
and we have never contacted each other and I guess we never will.

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