I Must Grow

July 22, 2011
By , Ann Arbor, MI
Why must you always be so cryptic
just to throw me off?
You meant to do what you did
getting me to believe in everything you said.
Open my eyes to find your lies laid out right in front of me.
It’s taken me so long to see
who you really are
The type of person that leaves scars on young girls hearts,
The type of person that runs far when times get hard.
Not knowing this I trusted you.
What a silly mistake to let you choose my fate.
You stole my self-esteem
one thing I treasured most.
Now I’m taking it back while leaving you here
along with all my tears and biggest fears you exposed.
You never cared at all.
Left me there to fall.
Wasn’t there to help me up.
It was your mess I was cleaning up.
But you were too afraid and still are
to face facts, to see reality.
Never had anything meaningful to say
even when it was just us two.
I’m making this my final word
I promise you’ll never know.
And now I must grow.

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