cry me a river

July 10, 2011
By rockin BRONZE, Delhi,
rockin BRONZE, Delhi,
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now my life has come to an end
i can't find a way till any extent
how much you mean to me?
you broke all boundaries
happen to be all of a sudden
what do i go and ask heaven
do you really know?
where does the wind of change blow?
just cry me river
that is all left with me
now I'm all blind
oh! god just pardon me
now i cannot shine
now I'm taking my last breath
i want you to be with me until i die
just cry me river
i can't through this pain
why are you making me insane?
and don't know why i loved you?
i was your juliet and you were my romeo
you left me lonely
now you take back you memories
you played a love game with my heart
and now me heart falls apart
cry me...........
you were my sun beam
you were my only dream
you were mine only mine
but now you are gone
and now its my end zone
please i want you to stay
I'll be at your help weather its night /day
cry me..........
i want you to be happy in your life
you were larger than life
i hope you get success from seven seas
the world would come down to your knees
i just want to go home
so I'm going on that broken road
this is the last milestone
along that twilight zone
cry me..........
now I'm going too strong
i haven't seen you from so long
i know where you belong
now am away form you for a life long
my heart has broken into million pieces
oh! please without you i can't live
my soul will never get relieve
its the power of love
oh! please give me that dove
now I'm on fire
its all my heart desire
I'm burning
standing in the flames of your eternal love
i need you, i don't want your diamond ring
i just want the whole world to cry with me
make it a power so the heaven will see

The author's comments:
this poem is about a girl who is broken heart because her long lasting love had left her and now she is all alone recalling all there moments that they spent together

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