The innocence that was our life, The innocence that is youth.

July 25, 2011
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The sweet sound of childhood laughter brushes through my ear drums.
The sweet beauty of an innocent white rose reminds me of innocent faces.
The natural beauty of children, before they took war against their faces attacking with mud.
the charming breezes that flow over the grass that goes in my nose and out my mouth relaxes me as i go back,
back into my memory to the times in my life when things were simpler;

Life was free with out judgement or hatred.
We all just lived life with each other
with out much death or heart break.
There was slightly heart break in our lives as we were youth.
The only hurt we'd ever feel is;
Breaking something on accident, having to go in the corner for it.
Falling out of a tree and breaking a wrist.
Your dog stealing your sandwich because you were to young to know what he was doing.

Jealousy, of course was always in the air.
Only over little things.
We didn't get jealous over others stealing each others spouses, cars or diamonds.
children get jealous over;
who's mom packed them the best lunch
-especially others who wouldn't trade their meals during lunch time.
We got jealous over toys, other kids having more then you.
Jealous over others having siblings, or others having none.

We, as youth were easily satisfied with;
Bubbles, butterflies, tea parties and sward fights.
Our imagination was our key to our own adventures.
This key is sacred, even though most people don't treat it that way.
Most people grow up leaving the key of imagination,
They leave it in a corner to get dusty and rusted...
never to be found again.

If we could go back in time the change everything, would we?
What would we change?
Would we be happier by our change?
would our choices, no matter what we'd do differently make us end up exactly where we are now?
Would we have made a fool out of ourselves even more, or would we have been made less of a fool?
Would our decisions turn us into cold, bitter hearted people?
No matter what our choices were, we'd still regret something.
We will never be satisfied with who we are.
We can't be satisfied, we're humans and think something is always wrong.
No matter what we do, no matter what we'd change..

We'd still miss;
grassy breezes
& the innocence.

The innocence that was our life.
The innocence that is youth.

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