July 25th

July 26, 2011
Remember that day?
July 25th to be exact
that horrible day
I remember in fact

The sun was shining
with a light breeze
It shone through the window
past the trees

what was the time?
I'm not sure at all
couldn't been anywhere near night fall

with the phone in my hand
and the buttons to touch
i never realized my future and my past I clutched

I typed out
"I think we should be friends"
famous last words
it was coming to an end

you agreed many hours later
I sighed with a force
what I should've known
this would be in remorse

It didn't strike me
as a total loss
what I didn't know was
that this was a big cost

We went on in life
your school and mine
"i don't care"
my famous last line

You got a girlfriend
and it caused a sting
it didn't matter
until she turned mean

She cussed out a mutual friend
I was in shock
finally I decided to text you
saying "we need to talk"

No reply from you
I should've expected
it's been months
since that insensitive rejection

I stay up late
knowing it's done
my old best friend
is actually gone

so do you remember that day when we broke up over text?
on vacation, our one month-
what would come next?

We don't talk anymore
I know it's my bad
I was a mistake
I lost what I had

I didn't care we ended
that relationship like that
I miss my best friend
sometimes I wish I could take it all back

I miss talking to you
sometimes I cry
thinking about all the memories
and asking myself why?

Today is July 25th
I cringe on that note
today last year
that text that I wrote

I don't burn the pictures
or sit here and fret
the only thing I know is
that's it's my biggest regret

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theitgurl said...
Jul. 28, 2011 at 10:18 pm
sorry for the grammar errors and the quote thingys lol
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