Just Below the Heavens

June 28, 2008
By Rebecca Hoagland, Lancaster, OH

The sea was peaceful, like the first drop of snow,
The tide washing up on the sand covered shores;
The sun was shining with a tranquil illumination,
And I breathe in deeply, close my eyes, and dream.

In my dream, everything is how it should be.
The world is a diverse place, with millions of people;
But a difference, that could never go unnoticed,
There is no sun to brighten the day and warm the earth.

Quickly I run, not once looking behind me,
"Faster, faster," I shout to myself, in a panic;
For the sun I shall obtain, for it has to be,
Somewhere in this vast place we call home.

Darkness advances, killing the only light that remains,
And try as I might, the latent sun I cannot find;
Hidden, hidden from a world of ghastly sin and destruction,
Hidden from a world of pride and self determination.

I open my eyes, blinded by the blazing fire,
And the world is enlightened by the terrestrial candle;
For the sun extends its wings across the sky,
And I close my eyes again until the sun is masked by the clouds.

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