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June 3, 2011
By melumikaminkmint BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
melumikaminkmint BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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It all begins in the Elysian womb of blank space
Atoms and Antimatter gather to conceive
Spherical forms in the Universe
Lets start the Life and Evolution cycle
That was set tot thought by Darwin apes and questioning of Genesis
Skip a few Big Bang Super Nova’s and Mass Extincting Meteorites
On Terra, the “only” living planet
Amphibians slither up for noxious air
Swamp lands filled with microbial life
For us its starts in this primordial gene pool
A few bazillion adaptations and mutations later
Cosmos breaks some backs and creates a spine
Our skulls blow up to house a mind
Now here is where there’s opposition
Some might say we’re made of dirt
Kind of degrading don’t you think
And People ask for the missing Link
Why can’t we be God’s magnum opus
Everything gets testy from this point
Darwin, Wallace, Lemaitre
We’ll remember your thoughts and ideas
That will be put to the test on Dies Irae
As foretold by the good Book
I’m not dissing or being sacrilegious
More of being Swiss neutral
Some would say I’m a heathen
For not believing in Scared Godly Eden
I have a question for Adam and Eve and Noah’s Incest
I’m not a full believer in dogma by the Council of Nicaea
There’s been a history of unease
With the Divine, Church, and Science
Gods’ faith and wrath has its trellis grasp
The names of Science and Mendel peas are weeded out
Gallali, Isaac, Giordano
Vae Victus
But why the burning and Banishment
The Vitruvian Truth and what is majorly believed
Combine the Heavenly and Earth known
Create an Itanimulli faith and be a union then a sect
But in the Death
It’ll all just be a chain of cause and effect or a boom from God’s Big Bang
There’s no need to know how we began
Everyone only cares who they’ll meet the end

The author's comments:
Combined religion and science

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