R.I.P Kayla

June 28, 2008
By Abigail Courtemanche, Southbridge, MA

When I heard the sad news, it made me sad
Your the best friend that everybody had.
I miss your smile and your heart filled hugs
Please come back, cause your my best bud.
Kayla, Kayla way up high
Resting in peace in a night sky
I want you to come visit me
You'll never be forgotten Kayla C.
When I heard that you died, my heart went to tears
I'm thinking about going to Bay Path next year.
I miss your smile and your shiny hair
I don't want to do Cosmo, because you won't be there.
Why are you way up there and not down here?
I'll make yopu proud by doing all those Bay Path cheers.
I miss you already Kayla Christian
I don't want you to go to heaven.

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