June 28, 2008
By Thaddeus Tuck, Elk City, KS

A promise what an interesting thing. Something that someone can make as strong as a lawyer's best work yet so much easier for a dishonorable person to break. A word of loyalty and power yet as fragile as a sheet of ice. A promise of love, hope, and light cannot be held by a heart of darkness and icy cruelty. A bond to a person of your convictions yet so shattering of trust when gone awry. If your heart is not in it the promise it shall shatter into millions of peices and so shall the relationships you built on this fragile sheet of ice. As the ice cracks the buildings of your relationship begin to sink and as any building made of sugar will disolve when it meets the cold water underneath the broken ice of your promise. Stand by your convictions and your heart and your promises will be pure and strong never let that waver or you shall sink with your creations.

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