It Is

June 28, 2008
By John Bourscheid, Murphy, NC

Love as a broken handle of a spinning wheel
Never stopping as long as we never do
But as much as I want to explain how I feel
I'm going to have a hard time sharing you
I've watched you grow so much so fast
And let people out of your life, others in
I am so grateful to have never found myself last
So grateful I don't know where to begin
I worry about you no matter what the case
But it's definitely not an issue of trust
I just want to always see your smiling face
And when you're away that want is a must
I understand that it can't always be about me
And that you need to have other friends
I just want to ensure that forever we can truly be
Want to ensure that we will never end
Love as an hourglass, sand dripping down
Grain after grain after grain after grain
Love as something I won't turn around
Even when I feel like this love brings me pain
The pain is me missing your love in return
Even though I have a feeling it's still here
Even when you aren't with me I feel the burn
Even when I have such a deathly fear
That something will happen to you if we're apart
That the next person I let you leave with will hurt you
But far deep down in the base of my heart
I guess it's just jealousy, true and true

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