Secret Getaway

June 27, 2008
By kellie goffin, Rocky Mountain House, ZZ

Under the stars,
we could run away.
You'll be my Tarzan,
I'll be your Jane.
Qwarky and odd togeather,
we would be.
Tying me to the floor I start to shake.
But were free, lets climb that tree.
Pick that poison apple and die hand in hand.
So diffrent appart,togeather we are one.
Lets shoot those bulluts, up into the sun.
Ill attach my rope of crocidile skin,
now that its attatched, let the climb begin.
Start out slowly, ill wait for you.
although most wont believe, we know its true.
My love for you will fill up a vile.
And If love were gold we wouldnt work for while

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