Colors Of Death

June 27, 2008
By Amber Blevins, Mouth Of Wilson, VA

Tonight I will sleep and
have my dreams chosen
by Destiny.
My visions will not only
come alive, but they will
be my only masterpiece.

I lie down in my bed,
thinking about the
previous moments in my day.
my eyes close, and my
imagining soon begins.

Colors begin to flash before
my mind.
Vibrant ribbons of
clear night sky blue, raging fire red,
orange of a tiger lily, purple amethyst,
amazing apple green, and white so pure as new snow.

The colors were brilliant
and the most miraculous
thing I'd ever seen.
The amazing deliverance
of color
made me not want to awaken.
They were the passion of light,
the question I never dared to ask.

I refused to arise when my
dream was interrupted and so
Fate understood.
For when my eyes would have opened,
it was then they would close forever.

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