I won't forget

June 7, 2011
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I wish i wasn't so afraid,

To tell everyone what i think...

If i could,

Id tell you off.

And if i could,

I swear i would.

Your a bunch of jerks,

You stupid a--holes.

Who get a kick,

Out of picking on me.

Well I've had enough,

And you know what.

I am different,

Because i don't try to hurt others.

And i don't pick on the freaks.

And another thing.

I don't give a f**k what you say.

Your only hurting yourself,

Because one day,

I will do great things,

Making so much out of my life,

And you...

You will be working at McDonalds,

Making minimum wage.

So that's right,

Continue to try and hurt me,

Because its not working.

Your only making the people who like you,

Like you for the jerk they want you to be,

And not for the real you.

And when i have the opportunity to choose,

Whether or not you get a job,

I'll make sure to remember,

Everything you did to me...

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