Where I Am From

June 5, 2011
By MalloryJoy BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
MalloryJoy BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
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I am from the collective company of six obnoxious girls
Without them, there would be missing pieces to the puzzle of my life
I am from the lessons we have learned together and the struggles we have faced
To regretful mistakes that almost cost me the people who matter the most
I am from the shoulders that allowed me to lay there and cry

I am from the days we laughed till we cried and the countless amounts of memories we made
The late night parties to the overnight sleepovers,
Where we gossip as much as our hearts desire
From snapping pictures to inside jokes
And summer days where we laid out by the pool
From Starbucks runs, to Girl’s Night Out
Risky adventures to late night episodes of FRIENDS
High school dances where we moved our feet to the beat

I am from Kayla Marie, the one who I have to watch out for
Nicole Catherine, the one who changed her ways
Sarah Elizabeth, the “mom” who always has our best interests in mind
Rachel Noel, the one who I met during softball season
Emily Jane, the graceful dancer and the “play freak”
And Hunter Nichole, the one who walks into my house unannounced and goes through my pantry

I am from Kayla’s comforting words and her moody attitude
To Nikki’s random babbling
Sarah’s cookies and her infectious laugh
I am from Rach’s obsession for Joseph Gordon Levitt
To Smem’s silly string fights
I am from Hunters free spirit and her ability to forget the outside world

I am from a group of girls who have bonded since the years progressed
There was then, there is now, and there is more to come
I am from six friends who turned into sisters

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