June 3, 2011
A steady warm wind blows from the south
Leaving a dry taste in the roof of your mouth
A cool breeze moves in from the north
The trees outside blow back and forth
An early spring day, in the plains
Will soon leave us in vain

On this fateful day the conditions are right
Leaving us today, all in a fright
The possibility for tornados is great
Here in this Midwest State

Soon the word comes in
And the hair stands up on your skin
Then you hear those dreaded words
The people around you run in herds
This is a tornado warning, a tornado is on the ground
And you hear that dreadful sound
Of tornado sirens here in town
Everyone has gone to their basements to hunker down

But there are those who are excited by this day
While others are running the other way
These storm chasers drive towards the danger
For them, it is no stranger
They watch the awesome power and potential
Hoping the area affected will be nonresidential

Known by many names, such as the finger of god
This event for people who live in the plains is never odd
It is a massive rotating column of air
Able to destroy anything in its path with out a care
A creator of much great fear
Until the sky once again becomes clear

Just that single word, tornado reminds me of many
From the TV series Storm Chasers just to name plenty
Sean Casey and Reed Timmer take the lead
But in my mind friends like Charlie Woodrum do not recede
Nothing excites me more than to hear the words tornado warning
Here today, on this very morning

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