June 27, 2008
By Randi Lewis, Whitehall, MT

Love has a time
Love has a place
Love has a name
But not a face

Love has a sole
Love has a heart
And knows of the end
From the start

It does not tell
Or share the secret
It can only hope
You have no regret

It caries with it
The clock of life
And only ticks
To its own strife

So fear not young child
Weep not my son
It happends round the world
You aren't the only one

There are others
Others aren't healed
Some will venture back out
While others use a shield

Keep using your mind
But let your heart have a word
Beucase only then
Will love be stirred

It's not only of the mind
Not only of the heart
But of the two together
With each its own part

There are many choises
There are many to choose
But each little thing
Should come only from you

You shall not give up
You cannot say
That it's all over
'I've given up the day'

Love means pain
And pain means wounds
But all will be fine
You'll be better soon

You won't be the same
Or even very close
And you'll have a new path
The one that choose

And if love changes you
If it twists your heart
Let it be itself
It may give you a new start

And if you dislike this chage
There's always someone out there
Who is willing to help
Who will treat you fair

A heart is easily broken
But love is like glue
There is always a chance of another
To say 'Just me and you'

Forever doesn't happen
So don't hold your breath
But a long time
Can mean well past death

So when you're in love
Don't worry about being done
You never know how soon
Your clock could strike one.

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