my shoes ran away from me

June 26, 2008
By tala el-fahmawi, Methuen, MA

My shoes ran away from me I don’t know what to do
I can’t chase after them because I couldn’t find my shoe
I don’t understand how they escaped my fragrant feet
All I felt was a little push and next thing they’re on the street
I put my mom’s high hells on with a pair of socks
Then I started chasing them down my block
My feet soared and ached as I was running down the road
I hoped they would come back from missing their abode
But somehow I knew they weren’t longing my feet
Because clearly they’d rather run down the street
My neighbors were in shock to see them wander town
Everybody stared at my shoes with an upset frown
My shoes aren’t that clever they ran into a dead end
That’s how I trapped them but then I realized they had a friend
A small dog picked them up and started to run away
I quickly started following that sneaky little stray
That little pup was way to fast for me
I could not catch up with that bag of fleas
I gave up looking for my rapid footwear
For I knew that I wasn’t going to find them anywhere
I ran I fast I could but my footwear could never be caught
That’s how I learned to always tie your shoes with a double knot.

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