July 21, 2011
Burned, shriveled carcases covered in mold.
Evil; so powerful and brutally bold.
The hope you get before it’s ignited.
Pain so harsh we just try to fight it.
The darkness harm brings to innocent lives, and
watching existence crumble until it dies.
The spirits of the dead and the souls of the damned.
When you can’t even remember how last night began.
Cannibalism, savagery and all of their friends
that love to see your life come to it’s end.
Smoke clouds and pollution, it just makes me sick!
How people could just put themselves at risk.
Beautiful Death and her enemy, Life.
Fighting for the win, a long bitter strife.
Darkness and shadows that creep up at night.
Snowstorms so horrendous, there is no light.
The perfect match between graveyards and Halloween;
with both of their skeletons so perfectly keen.
Bruises and breaks from that grotesque stanger
that forced her innocence and had no choice but to kill her.
The world, as it has so become.
A world where all of us are no longer one.

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