The Pain You Caused Me

June 26, 2008
By champagne randall, Nacogdoches, TX

How can the person or thing you love the most bring upon you so much unbearable pain.

How is it that you can love someone and care about them so much and they dont feel the same.

Why is it that i wasted so much of my time fighting and wishing for you to notice me.

How come yo girl just walkedin and BAM she's the one you see.

i know that i shouldnt waste anymore time thinking about the things you and her do.

Because its plainly seen that I've wasted enough unreturnable time on you.

after all the the pain and heartbreak you caused me, i finally feel feel as though my once mended heart has been set free.

but still it hurts that you will never be aware or even care about the pain you caused me.

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