June 26, 2008
By alexis wilson, Belleville, IL

Such a little word with no true definition

Love brings great courage, knowledge, and ambition

To try to understand love is unrealistic

Sometimes with love you have to be optimistic

To love someone is to care for them unconditionally

In love closure is not a possibility

You must affray anything in the way of true love

Overpower and overthrow all erroneous temptations

True love fulfills all sensations

Love will find you and conquer any immoral thing

You never know what love will bring

The emotions love has to offer are unlike any other

The special feeling shared between one another

Finding love is like an impenetrable mission

Love is the only key to true happiness and commission

It comes when its ready but when it does you know it’s true

That’s why I am so happy I have found you

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