Box of Secrets

June 26, 2008
By Elizabeth Harwood, Middletown, CT

Open this lid
Of my precious box
Secrets, secrets
Flood onto your feet

Pick up one or two
Stick around if you'd like
Or diagnoise me as psychotic
And leave with all the others

Mop up the mess I caused
Sorry I went overboard
Hadn't meant to drown you
In things no one knows

I guess I've just
Kept my silence for too long
No one, until you,
Has cared to open my box

But since you do
Go ahead, read other
Read my religion
My theories and beliefs

Read all about
My sexuality
My relationships
My self-abuse

Indulge yourself with
My opinions
My angst
My third person perspective

My box is open
For anyone to peer into
Or even delve into
If you love me enough

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