What Happened

July 16, 2011
By Anonymous

I have a friend.
A very close friend.
She once said that she loved me.
And i told her that I loved her.
But then things happened...
I said things I didn't mean.
I got mad, stressed, and afraid.
I remember asking her...
I asked if she was happy.
I remember how upset she became.
She believed i was doubtful...
Doubtful of us.
I tried to explain...
That I loved her...
That I had no doubts...
That I asked just to make sure.
But it was too late.
I remember leaving a voice mail.
It remained unheard for weeks.
I knew then that I...
I had given her doubts.
I had hoped the message left...
That it would help but it didn't.
I remained unheard.
The next day it happened.
She ended it as I sat silently.
I've settled for close friend.
That's probably all I'll ever be.
A close friend to which...
She can tell anything
and about her doubtful boyfriend.
Listening closely because...
I still love her.

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