July 16, 2011
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I hear the loud notices from afar
I see myself as I leave the car
Piercing screams following
People running crazily
Here comes flashing lights
More people enter the sight
Noone see’s me standing here
It’s almost like I’m disappearing
I’m trying my best to be noticed
Everything around me starts to get bright
I see one last scene before I leave
Its you lying in your bed fast asleep
I try to wake you
But you can’t hear
I try to shake you
But you can’t feel
I close my eyes to try to think
Then everything starts to sink

I open my eyes to see you again
But this time you’re crying
You look so sad
Sitting all alone
I wonder why you keep saying I’m gone
Everything seems so unclear
Why can’t you see me standing here?
Finally things start to appear
Someone else is here

They grab my hand and say lets go
It’s time for you to come Home
I look at you one last time
A tear builds up I start to cry
I say I love you and wipe my tears
It’s time for me to leave here
I know one day we’ll meet again
I’ll just have to wait for you on the other end

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