I Wanna Fix Her Broken Heart

July 17, 2011
Why does she do that to her self?

A striking pain that last more than a while and less than forever. Even though I warn her in a way that hurts she needs a lesson for life. Every time she comes to me with her problems I have an exploding pain in my chest. My tears travel on the inside, they feel like venom burning my veins and tainting my blood. I understand her non-stop defense. Her big heart full of forgiveness, hope, friendship, love, hurting, lasting pain, and understanding makes her believe that liking him or loving him is right. I told her an infinite amount of words. And a quick question to my self, do I regret it, should I have told her more? Or did I already say too much to push her farther away to get revenge with me with out even knowing the gun is pointed toward her own self? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I have an aching fear of the day she goes blank in my mind. If it ever happens for just a minute I’m going to become dead. Again I ask my self why does she do that to herself? She knows his past and with the slightest ease can predict his future. He’s a straight up womanizer, player, man wh***., and he is just using those beautiful words that softly caress her ears to get into her little blue jeans. He has sweet looks, nice words, and a style that the ladies love about him. But friends she says they only are. It is really this ink that is the fresh blood from my body. No truer words have been spoken. I love her too much to let her be with him. If she would only understand he will only last long enough to full fill his pleasures. By morning when she turns over to look at his face she will only see an empty space still warm were his once lay. But I wish she would see that I wanna fix her broken heart….

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