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June 26, 2008
Don't be a raisin when you can be a prune
Know fame and fortune and all that will come soon
See, hearts and daisies are a fairy's best friend
In time all your broken dreams will finally mend

Fishes and wishes are words that just rhyme together
An oracle can't guess anything from a feather
Maybe my tap-dancing strikes you as funny
But I'm as happy as a drunken bee, honey

Wake up and sight a world you never wanted
I never sleep so my soul's kind of haunted
Sometimes I'm so sure that you adore me, child
Then again, you're no real fan 'cause you're too wild

C'mon, our cool factor's so overrated
Punk and hippie never should've mated
There's no gold answer except for peace
Everything else hides its expired lease

Man, the sky never looked so pretty
And all the trees sing a sweet diddy

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