It's Inspiring

June 26, 2008
By Ashley McMullen, Branford, FL

It's inspiring.
The simplest heart strokes.
The sunlight falling in through the parted curtain in the early morning/late afternoon.
The rustling of the tree leaves as you pass on a breezy day.
The seams holding us together, tightening each time we meet.

What I would give for that moment now!
You. I.
Lollygagging while the birds sing in their treetop homes.
Conversing while the squirrels scurry away.
Laughing while the dragonflies soar past.

Wishful thinking, I know, due perhaps to the double cups of coffee [sweet, assuasive, coffee!] I chose to consume earlier.
Which I am glad I did- the smooth liquid easing over my yearning tongue and sliding down my barrel throat to create it's own sense of inspiration.

And now,
[in my solitude]
I can feel the tugs of drowsiness upon my eyelids,
Which I fight.
Though truly, all I want is to sleep. dream. of you.
[come soon, i pray!]
So that my dreaming too will be evermore inspired.

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