The Mirror

June 27, 2008
By Meghan Littles, Piedmont, MO

Through the toils and the bloody snares,

Through the foggy glass we stare.

In the glass we see a face,

The face of a human kind, of this race.

We stare at those deep blue eyes,

And that face that looks so wise.

We see out years ahead,

What’s to come, what to dread.

The face we see now is crystal clear,

It’s us but in a far away year.

We look sad, as we look at the earth,

At the price of which death is really worth.

Life is quick and life is short,

Look at your live and sort.

Sort through the argues over every long year,

Patch up the rough with ones you love so dear.

Now go back to glass mirror.

Now what do you see?

I see a happy face I want to see, one that is happy looking back at me.

What do you want to see?

Do you want to see the death, war, and tears?

Or love and happiness that brings you no fear?

Yet another criminal they let go away?

Or loved ones tell you they want to stay?

The mirror you look in here today,

Shows many options.

Will you look?

Or go away?

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