June 27, 2008
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The glittery dreams of childhood has dulled to a mere memory
Lure of a future seems so far away
But the laughter and tears are here to stay

When we are neither an adult nor a child, it’s a time to experience the world
Without the caution of an adult or the restrictions of a child
We let our hair kiss the breeze and the sun grace our skin
Laughter flows as freely as wine
And we get drunk on possibilities

Dreams float upon an endless horizon like gold in the river
Our eyes clouded with the promise of our dreams
Let not these golden years be fast forwarded
Look at the sky and look at your friends
Lock and savor every moment, because you can’t come back

Don’t watch the movie, act in it
Don’t listen to the music, play it
Don’t read the book, write it
The pen is in your hand and you can not white-out what you write, so think carefully

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