Ingredients to the World

June 26, 2008
By Zachary Feldman, East Northport, NY

Please feel free to ponder,
When you enter my home,
With the world around you,
To guide you through this poem.

With a sea of tears and a sky of laughter,
And deserts so bare,
A family comes to life,
A family with care.
An intelligent sun is where to start,
With a bit of a foolish moon,
Some conceited evergreens,
A world is to come soon.
White clouds all around,
As timid as could be,
An all knowing horizon,
As far as the eye could see.
Leaves of color roaming around,
As though they are free,
But when the devilish wind arouses,
Their doom is all to be.
When terror comes with thunder so loud,
And lightning to scare us more,
Precious rain drops comfort us,
‘Cause that’s what they are for.
And then there are those stars,
Who lay there every day,
Not wanting to be a part of things,
Without a thing to say.
Mountainous regions,
Who stand tall and proud,
Think that they can make the rules,
They think that they’re allowed.
But all those trees and rivers too,
Who have a thing to say,
Might just go and compromise,
‘Cause they have a better way.
So in this world, there are the stars,
And the mountains so high,
And of course the trees and rivers too,
In which life passes by,
To this day we must admit,
That the world is true,
To be made of all these things,
Which one are you?

And in my home I welcome,
All your mind has thought,
But let this be a lesson,
A good lesson, taught.

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