Girl of my Dreams

June 26, 2008
By Zachary Feldman, East Northport, NY

Tired one night,
I drift off to bed,
So many thoughts,
Floating around in my head.
But soon I forgot,
That in bed I lay,
And then was engulfed,
In a place I could stay.
I looked around,
For someone I knew,
To look for a friend,
Was all I could do.
And then she was there,
The girl I adore,
But could this be real?
The idea I ignore.
She walked right over,
With a glimpse of sunshine,
She knew where to go,
She could be mine.
I saw her in the eye,
And I stood right away,
We interlocked hands,
And started to sway.
Now out of nowhere,
Can fire now burn,
From the spark of our eyes,
From the speed of our turn.

As our movement grew faster,
And the sun at a gleam,
It seemed all to obvious,
It was only a dream.
A world to itself,

Our spirit could dwell,
And the rest of it,
One could not tell.
In only one night,
A story unwinds,
Only to be told,
Through these very lines.
All that had happened,
It merely seemed,
But now I am here,
And it was all dreamed.

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