I am Earth

June 26, 2008
I am Earth.
Welcome to my planet.

Do you know me?
Can you know me?
I want to believe so with all my heart.
I want you to understand me.
I want to understand myself.

I am Earth.
Ink pulses through my veins.
I promise.
My heart beats words,
my muscles strengthen through
exercise of the mind.
And you still won't be able to catch me.

I scrawl on napkins, on receipts, on street benches.
I scrawl on subway walls and public bathroom mirrors and taxi windows.
They are my pallet.
So is the world.

I am Earth.
This is my world.
Live in it and you could find yourself somewhere.
You’ll never know.
Does it matter?
Just follow me.

I am a mix, a tossed salad, quirky and impossible to describe.
I always check the “other” box.
I am a mosaic.
Colorful, vivid, and full of oddly shaped pieces glued together
in the only place they’ll fit in.

I am a dreamer, a thinker, and a wrongdoer at times.
I want to save the world but don’t know the first steps to take.
I have simple goals, such as being able to skip a rock in the water
and proudly call something mine.

I am Earth.
I want to reach out to everyone, but feel as if my arms
won’t extend.
I wish they were slinkeys.

I want to brand someone.
I want to love and be loved in return.
I want the world as a whole but also a slice.
I want you.
I want to be wanted.

I am Earth.
I am a wreck.

Still wish to inhibit me?
Still want to land and settle and stake claim on which part of me
is rightfully yours?

I wouldn’t if I were you.
But then again, I’m not you at all.
Because I can never stop questioning.

I am the human welcome mat,
but I won’t let anyone step on me.
I want you to challenge me.

If I was a puzzle piece,
I would never be a corner,
but that random piece of blue sky in the middle
that you can’t place until the very end.

I am Earth.

I march to the beat of my own drum, but
sometimes worry the beat grows too loud.

I wish to see, hear and speak no evil
but don’t know how to stop looking, talking and listening.
I want to be free but cannot break the bonds I am in.
I wish there to be more light in the day,
but also want to gaze at the stars forever.

I am Earth.
Trek through me, explore my mind, discover things.
Crash land into me.
Here I am.

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