For Those Who Can't Speak.

June 26, 2008
take my shattered wings that you gave me and heal.
Once I used to sing and dance but you made me shout and scream.
You forced me to pick a side; you couldn't just let me be
and I am lost and confused in the darkness of your hatred.
I wish I could defeat you, but that doesn't mean I won't try.
I'll fight to the end.

I've run to a place where the ocean sings and the sun
kisses my skin as I play.
Someplace where you'll never be able to hurt me again.
But I cannot stay because I am grabbed back to reality and I feel
the pain and I see the stains of blood where you lashed out again.
I remember the days where I could sit by the window and watch
the rain without feeling the sting on my back or the slap on my face.

You are nothing.
You are NOTHING!
What kind of man beats a girl?!
I will never die. You will not be the end of me.
I will be the end of you.

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