June 25, 2008
By Renee Taylor, Medina, OH

An hour, a moment of pure bliss,

Hidden but not lost in a violet cave,

But then a violet prison it became,

When all our premonitions couldn’t hold off the rain,

The storm that ended all our greedy gain,

I am so sorry that I was so afraid.

We’re all gonna die,

And we’re all gonna cry, tonight,

Because we’re all being hunted,

Hunted and beaten and scared like animals,

I’m so sorry I didn’t prevent the pain.

I should have known.

But you, you must have felt so alone,

While we all sat together, out of hope,

You knew, we all knew,

And the guilt is overwhelming now.

I can’t stop all this fear and mourning now,

We’re all hunted.

Torn from the throne.

We’re caught and busted.

We’re running alone.

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