July 20, 2011
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"Do me a favor?"

"Anything, you name it."

"Stop asking what the world wants. Start listening to yourself. You give so much to what means so little. The world is always going to be moving, but it's you that must not. You must speak for yourself, your voice carries more meaning than you realize. Reality is a waste of time, forget what is expected. Forget about people you are not people, you are you. The world can wait forever, but you must take the time that you are given. You must embrace who you are."

There are a lot of moments in time that I waste on pointless things. I will admit I am not perfect. I say the most random things, but you know what... that's okay with me. Out of every experience I begin to see a bigger part of the picture. It does not always make me stronger, or braver, or even more wise. But it does open my eyes to perspective, or rather a glimpse as to what is in store for me. My words they can be stolen, my camera destroyed with a hit of a hammer, but my experiences they cannot be touched. There is nothing left to evaluate when life presents you with a moment. Take it or leave it; it's either one or the other. Some will use you, others will leave you to ponder, but there is one that will stand by you until the end of time. It's called Integrity.

Drastic with movement, swift the judgement, the world takes grasp at what is perceived. Hidden in the depths of pure expression lies the truth. Nobody looks like a model, has changed the world, or was truly ever better than anyone else. What has happened is this. We have invested in over valued beauty products to achieve the depiction of false photos. The world has been spinning for over millions of years and each day it presents itself to the eye of the sun, just as it says goodnight in the evening. The difference between a man who makes 100,000 dollars a year and a man who makes 62,000 dollars a year lies with in digits, character on the other hand cannot be measured.

"So the world is yours", she tells me. "It's yours to play with, to concur, and to explore. It's your adventure. Seek your own purpose, and remember to send me a letter once in a while."

And so I will...

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