You Only Have One First Friend

July 20, 2011
By M.Lizeth GOLD, Santa Fe Springs, California
M.Lizeth GOLD, Santa Fe Springs, California
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My heart is blind, that so it can love the soul that is too bright for the eyes to see.

Scared and new
Alone I stood by that fence
Waiting for the day’s end
Anxiety you seemed to sense

Light filled your heart
A smile warmed your face
Alone you approached
With 6 year old grace

The others watched
Stopping in their game
'Hi' you said
'Do you have a name?'

I stumbled on my words
ensuring you weren’t a threat
I answered you though
Words I will never regret

'My name is Melissa
I moved here last week'
Certainly you noticed
That my voice was meek?

After learning my name
Yours was returned
'I'm Alejandra' you smiled
But my insides still churned

Without hesitation
You invited me to play
I glanced at the others
But I said 'okay'

Soon however
My laughter was heard
As I jumped rope
My worry blurred

I’ll always remember
That first day
When we became
What we are today

That everlasting moment
Still without end
Brought me the angel
I call my best friend

The author's comments:
This poem is dedicated to my first and greatest friend, Alejandra. We are still best friends to the day, though I admit we've drifted apart some.

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