In The Land of the Butterflies

June 25, 2008
In the midst of this chaos
there are butterflies that breeze past us
ever so delicately
with their elegent wings
and glimmers of hope
that life is still pure
As they fly past us
they whisper with the flaps of their wings
"Hope is still here and happiness was never lost"
"Follow us to where we are going" they say "up into the sky where it is free, and we can look back
at all of the terrible things we have left behind"
As they say this
with the gentleness of their beautiful wings
we close our eyes as they slowly pass us
After they are gone
we open our eyes and look around
Everything that we thought was so horrible,
isn't so bad anymore
We are left with the thought of the next person to be taken into
the land of the butterlfies

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