Allowed To Know

June 25, 2008
By Claudia Naomi Bongso, Singapore, ZZ

The way we conduct ourselves made me swam in my head poles apart
I think it’s the most remarkable creation of God’s work of art

Day by day I learn
I try, I improve-
With whom curiosity kindles the provocation in discovering the hidden knowledge.
As I grasp this significant gold;
Cherish is the first thing I’ll make of it.

Still, now and then
Undesirable things occur
And changes the whole scene.

I’m not very independent as others may say;
Putting forward valued favors appears to be just as often as my rocky boat sways.
I realize in a master’s eye-
That I’m nothing but a hatching unready to fly.

Full of uncertainty I may be,
But not of pure innocence I’m made of.

Experienced enough to know more.
Boundaries I’ve placed all surround me,
Not always having you here beside me,
Don’t need to worry too much anymore.

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