The Hole Where My Heart Should Be

June 10, 2011
By TakeAChance SILVER, Parker, Colorado
TakeAChance SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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down down, at the bottom of the sea,

theres a black hole there,

waiting to swallow me...

Dare I look up,

only to be,

crushed by the weight

of the sun I can't see.

Theres a place for worry,

a Place for hell,

Theres a place to go,

when all you can do is watch time tell...

A light can flash,

A siren can wail,

People can scream,

But not this time.

It takes.

It needs.

So little, so few.

The cold sinks in,

frost taking over,

glaze over your eyes,

as your heart takes cover.

Where it should be,

is only a hole.

Down, down, at the bottom of the sea.

There are tales of worry and woe,

There are whirlpools of turmoil, and emotion,

The great pool of "Forgive and Forget"

But there is only one hole,

that could ever swallow me.

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